Candicci’s is waiving deliveries fees for September

BALLWIN, MO (Candiccis) We are excited to announce that we are waiving delivery fees for September.

Typically, Bob’s Birthday Bash is in September and has grown in popularity over the years with Happy Hour lasting all night and free appetizers.

However, with the “new norm” that is going on many consumers/customers are still locked down. Therefore, to help your save money to feed your family Bob said “WAIVE THE FEES!”

Our release was published on STL.News. We encourage all local customers to benefit from this service.

Additionally, we respectfully request that ordering online to please use our own online ordering system. It is an easy to use system that we have subscribed to for years. We control the data, unlike third party delivery providers, but most importantly, we do not have to share our revenue with those third-party providers that have stripped restaurants of profit margin during a difficult time. CLICK to order online.