Candicci’s offers Appetizers, Salads, Pasta with White Sauce, Red Sauce and Oil Butter Garlic Sauce in addition to Entrees, Seafood, Pizza and a Special Lunch Menu

You can order our entire menu ONLINE. Prices are slightly higher to reflect the cost of packaging. Carry-out or delivery is available!


Spinach Artichoke Toasted Ravioli – with sweet roasted red peppers aioli – $8.99

Toasted Beef Ravioli – with house marinara $8.99

Ravioli Combo Platter – Toasted beef, spinach, and artichoke ravioli $9.99

Stuffed Mushrooms – baked cream cheese and seafood stuffed mushrooms caps topped with provel cheese $9.99

Calamari Fritti – lightly seasoned flour and flash fried, with marinara $9.99

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks – hand breaded and flash fried mozzarella cheese sticks $8.99

Eggplant Parmigiana – crispy battered eggplant topped with house marinara and provel $8.99 – dinner portion w salad $14.99

Shrimp Gorgonzola – grilled shrimp seasoned lightly in Italian bread crumbs and served with rich Gorgonzola cheese sauce $10.99

Chicken Wings – choice of Buffalo, BBQ or Lemon Butter Garlic $8.99

Spinach Artichoke Dip – with warm pita chips $8.99

Cheese Garlic Bread – oven baked with provel cheese $5.99

Zucchini Fritti – lightly seasoned flour and flash fried, served with rolls $8.99


Dressings: House, Ranch, Caesar, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Poppy Seed and Balsamic – Add Chicken for 2.99 – Add Shrimp for 3.99

House – Iceberg and romaine lettuce, provel and parmigiana, slicked red onions and pimentos, served with our signature Italian dressing $4.99 – Large $8.59

Chicken Ranch – grilled chicken atop romaine and iceberg blend, cheddar, bacon bits, provel and tomatoes served with ranch dressing – $10.99

Spinach – Spinach, flame roasted apples, red onions, walnuts, oranges and feta cheese served with poppy-seed dressing – $10.49

Caesar – Romaine lettuce, croutons, grated parmigiana and house Caesar dressing – $6.29 or Large Portion $9.29

Candicci’s – Iceberg and romaine lettuce, provel and parmigiana, red onions, pimentos, Italian salami and black olives with our signature Italian dressing – $5.99 – Large Portion $9.29

Salmon – Grilled salmon, spinach, iceberg and romaine tossed in Candicci’s house dressing with artichokes, provel, parmigiana and red onions – $14.99

Judie’s Special – Romaine and iceberg blend with walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette, oranges, chicken, feta and dried cranberries – $11.49


Add a house salad or soup to any pasta for 3.99 – Ask about our Gluten free pasta for an additional 1.00

Bolognese – Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce – $9.99

Pasta Maloney – Capellini noodles in a homemade meat sauce, baked with meatballs and topped with melted cheese – $12.99

Ravioli a la Lilly – Seasoned Italian beef filled ravioli tossed in our rich meat sauce – $12.99

Pasta Melanzani – Orecchiette pasta and battered eggplant in a zesty marinara sauce topped with provel – $12.99

Roman Twins – 1 canneloni, 1 manicotti, covered with a cream and red sauce blend topped with sauteed spinach – $13.99

Cannelloni – Tubular past filled with seasoned veal, beef and chicken in a cream and red sauce blend – $13.99

Lasagna – layers of seasoned beef and cheeses in a savory red sauce, then baked with even more cheese and topped with a rich cream sauce – $13.99

Spinach Mediterranean Manicotti – Fresh spinach and crispy eggplant baked in marinara sauce, topped with cream sauce and provel – $13.99

Pasta Salsiccia – Capellini noodles and Bob’s famous Italian sausage links in meat sauce oven baked and topped with provel – $13.99


Pasta Con Broccoli alla Ryan – Orecchette pasta, broccoli, parmigiana cheese, cream sauce, fresh mushrooms and a touch of marinara – $12.99

Pasta Primavera – Fettuccini tossed in a roasted pepper cream sauce with mushrooms, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, asparagus and grape tomatoes – $13.99

Tortellini Carmen – Donut shaped pasta stuffed with our special recipe seasoned Italian meat, peas, mushrooms, and fresh parmigiana cheese in a rich cream sauce – $13.99

Fettuccini Alla Angelina – Fettuccini noodles in a parmigiano cheese cream sauce – $13.99

Pasta Katrina – Fettuccini noodles in a rich cream sauce with grilled chicken, broccoli and mushrooms – $14.99

Pasta Carbonara – Orecchiette noodles in a cream sauce enriched with egg and parmigiana cheese. Topped with freshly grilled chicken, bacon and scallions – $14.99


Seafood Ravioli – Shrimp, scallop and lobster ravioli in a delicate tomato cream sauce with grape tomatoes and scallions – $16.99

Langusto Supremo – Fettuccine noodles in our house special lobster cream sauce tossed with bay scallops, shrimp, clams, green peppers and a touch of roasted garlic pesto – $17.99

Raimondo’s Tutto Mare – Linguine noodles with a harvest of fresh shrimp, scallops, clams and mushrooms. In your choice of three different sauces: Seafood, Marinara, or Oil Butter Garlic Sauce – $17.99

Pasta Timothy – A surf and turf pasta with meat tortellini served with roasted red peppers, scallops, clams, shrimp and a touch of cayenne pepper and lobster stock – $17.99

Pasta Vincenzo – Orecchietta pasta with shrimp, chicken and prosciutto in a smoked paprika cream sauce with roasted red peppers with a touch of red pepper – $17.99


Pasta Alla Pedrone – Capellini noodles in white wine garlic sauce with chicken, basil, sundried tomatoes, spinach and grape tomatoes – $13.99

Pasta Olivia – Olive oil, butter and garlic with grilled chicken, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and grape tomatoes with angel hair pasta – $13.99

Lemonada – Angel hair pasta in garlic lemon olive oil, topped with grilled chicken – $12.99


All entrees served below with your choice of house salad or soup and pasta pomodoro, garlic cream sauce or Italian potatoes. (Substitute Veggie side $1.99) $2 split order. Make is “lighter” ask for grilled chicken instead of breaded.

Chicken Carlo – Marinated chicken breast and char-broiled, topped with grilled asparagus, portabella mushrooms, roasted bell peppers and a splash of balsamic vinegar – $17.99

Chicken Piccatta/Chicken Marsala – They need no introduction! – $17.99

Chicken Parmigiana – Lightly breaded chicken breast, topped with red sauce and provel – $17.99

Chicken Apricot/Raspberry – Char-broiled chicken breast in our raspberry or apricot glaze, served with a house salad and steamed broccoli – $15.99

Chicken Cordon Bob – Grilled chicken topped with prosciutto ham and fontina cheese, served in chardonnay lemon butter sauce with broccoli and mushrooms – $17.99

Chicken Jonathan – Chicken breast, grilled and served in balsamic vinegar sauce with melted provel, roasted red and yellow peppers, onions and mushrooms – $17.99

Chicken Gorgonzola – Chicken breast, lightly breaded and grilled, prepared in a gorgonzola cheese sauce with fresh peas and shiitake mushrooms – 17.99


Veal Parmigiana Angelina – Breaded veal cutlet in a homemade red sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmigiana cheese – $18.99

Veal Piccata – Tender veal cutlet lightly seasoned and sauteed topped with a traditional piccata sauce with mushrooms – $18.99

Veal Saltimbocca – Tender veal cutlet, with thinly sliced prosciutto ham and melted provel in a white wine lemon butter sauce with a touch of fresh sage and shiitake mushrooms – $18.99


Jeff’s NY Strip – A juicy NY strip cooked to perfection w/ baked potato (loaded 3.99) – $23.99

Beef Modiga – A filet topped with shrimp, scallops, prosciutto, mushrooms and provel with a white wine lemon sauce – $26.99

Russell’s Sicilian Strip – NY strip dusted with Italian bread crumbs, with mushrooms and white wine butter garlic sauce – $22.99

Tommy’s Filet Mignon – 8 oz filet served over angel hair pasta with peas – $23.99


Parmigiana Crusted Salmon – Parmigiana encrusted salmon with lobster sherry cream, served atop sauteed spinach – $18.99

Shrimp Scampi – Italian breaded shrimp on top of olive oil garlic butter angel hair pasta with peas – $18.99

Pesce Paulie – Pan-seared shrimp on top of olive garlic butter angel hair pasta with peas – $18.99

Grilled Salmon – Seasoned and grilled to perfection served with grape tomatoes, olive oil and asparagus – $18.99

Pesce Roberto – Italian breaded haddock filet served in white wine lemon butter with broccoli, mushrooms and provel – $18.99

Crabby Nicolas – Italian breaded haddock oven-baked with cheese and surimi crabmeat topped with lemon butter – $18.99

Manhattan Joe’s Grouper – Baked filet in herbed lemon juice on a bed of spinach and broccoli – $18.99


Available for takeout ONLY with each special serving four.

Pasta, Salad & Bread – Your choice of: Pasta Con Broccoli, Fettuccini with Chicken, Pasta Primavera or Spaghetti with Meatballs – $29.99

Chicken, Pasta & Salad – Your choice of: Chicken Picatta, Marsala, Gorgonzola or Apricot & red or white pasta side – $39.99

2 Large Pizzas & Salad – Your choice of any one topping, hand tossed or St. Louis style thin crust large pizza and house salad for four – add one topping pizza for – $29.99 – Add one topping pizza for $12.99


Candicci’s uses St. Louis style thin crust or New York style, NY Style Original hand tossed: red sauce and Mozzarella Cheese St. Louis Style: Provel and Parmesan Cheese Traditional Pizza Toppings: .99: pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, chicken, ham, salami, bacon, anchovies, mushrooms, green peppers, caramelized onions, black olives, roasted red peppers, broccoli, asparagus, tri-color peppers Premium Toppings (2.99): shrimp or surimi crab

9″ Pizza Per Uno – St. Louis style, one topping – $9.99

9″ Per Uno – Dinner combination, with house salad – $12.99

12″ Gluten Free Pizza – One topping pizza – $12.99

14″ Pizza – One topping pizza, your choice of crust – $12.99

Angie’s Sicilian Pizza – Caramelized onions, roasted garlic, roasted red and yellow peppers and our special recipe Italian sausage – $15.99

Anthony’s Pride – Meatballs and bacon with honey Sriracha IPA sauce (sweet with hint of spice) – $15.99

Bob’s Special – A meat-lovers delight! Our special recipe Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and hamburger – $15.99

BBQ Chicken Pizza – Zesty ranch BBQ sauce with diced chicken and caramelized onions topped with a drizzle of ranch dressing – $15.99

Bruschetta Pizza – Prepared with olive oil and roasted pesto, topped with bruschetta tomato relish, provel, feta, mozzarella and cheddar


All meals 6.99 Kids eat FREE on SUNDAY and TUESDAY nights. Kid’s 10 and under please, one kid’s meal per entree Chicken Fingers, 9″ Cheese Pizza, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Toasted Ravioli & Fries, Mac ‘n’ Cheese or Butter Noodles


Sandwich garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion. Choice of red pasta, white pasta, or french fries. Sandwiches also available at dinner.

Pasta Special – A lunch sized portion of your favorite pasta, served with a small house salad – $9.99

1/2 Sandwich Special – Half sandwich and your choice of soup or house salad – $10.99

Pizza Special – A thin crust 9″ pizza with your choice of any one topping, served with a small house salad – $10.99

Soup & Salad Special – Bottomless bowl of soup and a house salad – $7.99


All chicken entrees are available at lunch with house salad and red or white past – $10.99


House Salad – Lunch – $8.59 – Large Portion – $5.99

Candicci’s Salad – $5.99 – Large Portion – $9.59

Caesar Salad – $6.29 – Large Portion – $9.29

Chicken Ranch Salad – $9.99

Spinach Salad – $10.49

Salmon Salad – $14.49

Judie’s Special – $10.49


RB on CGB – Roasted beef on garlic cheese bread – $8.99

Grilled Chicken – Marinated grilled chicken breast served on cheese garlic bread – $8.99

Bob’s Special – Roast beef, ham and salami on cheese garlic bread topped with lettuce and our famous house dressing – $9.99

Meatball Sub – Needs no introduction. On cheese garlic bread with meat sauce – $9.99

Chicken Parmigiana – Breaded grilled chicken on cheese garlic bread, topped with meat sauce and provel cheese – $9.99

Salsiccia Sandwich – Italian sausage on cheese garlic bread topped with meat sauce and provel – $9.99


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